Job Title: Automotive Component Assemblers 1st & 2nd Shift
$15.50 for 1st Shift & $16.50 for 2nd Shift
12 hour shift from 6am-6pm or 6am-6pm
Job Description:
  • Operates production equipment and processes.
  • Participate in the team’s daily start-up communications meeting, assigns work, and establishes job rotation.
  • Maintain personal OJT training documentation.
  • Performs cell audits and inspections and follow-up on abnormalities.
  • Ensures individual compliance to established policies and procedures.
  • Associates will be capable of performing complete preventative maintenance routines utilizing established checklists designed to return the equipment to the original state.
  • Actively participates in the completion of required preventative maintenance activities.
  • Actively preserve normal conditions of equipment and/or processes
  • Respond quickly to abnormalities by repairing the machine or having a technician take care of it when he/she does not have enough knowledge, skill, or resources.
  • 12 hour shift from 6am-6pm or 6am-6pm.

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